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C and C++


C and C++ while two of the more difficult languages to master remain languages I keep trying (but so far not succeeding) to go back to. The level of control over the computer is nice and C++'s support for objected oriented programming paradigm is very enticing. Furthermore during and shortly after I graduated from college I worked diligently at understanding pointers, the hardest part of C/C++ (in my opinion) and for a brief period had it completely understood. However, since it has been over 10 years since I spent any significant time with either language the knowledge and ability is now gone completely. I'm attempting to get it back and this wiki will show my progress as well as contain links to the sites, books and any other material I'm using.

Learning the Hard Way

A co-worker exposed me to Zed Shaw's books at Zed's method is as effective as it is readable. While I haven't finished or gotten seriously into either the Python or C books I intend to use the Python to teach my daughter some rudimentary programming and the C one to get myself quickly back up to speed. I'm on exercise 10 and have not progressed far. I'll need to re-focus my efforts to finish this.


The Qt SDK and associated tools is one of the best GUI frameworks I've run across. I requested the use of PyQt libraries at work but given the inability of the library to work on Sparc processors without a lot of work the request wasn't possible. Given, the cross platform nature of the framework and the maturity of the tool set this is a framework I intend to learn. The applicability to not just C++ but to Python as well also adds to my willingness to learn this framework. As 24 Nov 2015 they are on release Qt 5.5.1.

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