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Web tools used across the web for web “page” development are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML 5 is the most current standard for HTML and has some very nice features. CSS 3 is very nice as well and better than its two predecessors in my opinion but still requires some serious learning. JavaScript with the advent of various libraries such as jQuery has become the defacto language of the browser and its support for the DOM and UI pieces make it an invaluable part of the web page development tool kit.


My standard reference for HTML is While there may be better sites as argued (in my opinion wrongly) by it has become a site I would not work without. You will also find it as a link in the CSS and JavaScript sections as well.


This is harder to get in concept than I originally thought but I'm slowly getting better. A co-worker pointed me to a CSS evanglist and her blog is good reading.


Rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the web. Knowing it and at least one framework is necessary in today's software engineering environment. Some of the frameworks and tools include:

  • jQuery & jQuery UI
  • Node.js
  • Backbone
  • Angular

… and the list goes on.

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