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This is for descriptions and procedures of the processes and knowledge needed to develop reasonably reliable software inside of a given timeline. Links to and discussion of methodologies such as Agile and it derivatives is appropriate and needed for this area. The area can also be used for the discussion of algorithms and general computer science subjects as well.



Agile, from my understanding, is a system of managing projects, especially software projects. It has several sub-methodologies (not sure about terminology) such as Scrum and XP. This section should be updated in the future as my knowledge grows and understanding increases.

  • It's not just Standing Up – A good discussion of the reason for and how to conduct a stand up meeting. Also links to other articles about the stand up meeting, a part of Agile and Scrum.
  • Introduction to Scrum – An introductory power point presentation on Scrum, what it is and what it can do. There is a copy for convenience here.
XP: Extreme Programming


Data Structures and Algorithms

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