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Eclipse is IBM's 50 million dollar gift to the open source community. It is a very versatile and useful Integrated Development Environment or IDE. All the Java programmers I've worked with use it extensively. Eclipse has plugins for most languages we use. Once an individual learns the interface for one language in Eclipse it becomes easier to use that knowledge on other languages and their associated plugins. For Java development it is preferred to expected. For Python programming I've found no better tool at this time. Below are some links to tutorials on using Eclipse. If anyone has lessons learned or better methods for using Eclipse please feel free to add to this Wiki.


  • Getting Started Using Eclipse – focuses on beginning Java in Eclipse but is the best I've found to date on using the interface.
  • Best 27 Eclipse Tutorials from IBM – one person's take on the best tutorials from IBM. Most are advanced to expert in my opinion.
  • ShowmedoPyDev video tutorials. Haven't sat through them and you need head phones or speakers as there is more talking then showing.


  • PyDev – Python development plugin for Eclipse
  • Subclipse – Subversion plugin integrating SVN with Eclipse
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