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  • Eclipse – Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • TOAD – SQL Development Tool, it is freeware for use with MySQL.

Source Code Management

  • SVN – Subversion

Systems/Operating Systems


This section should be far more robust than it is as should my backup methods and procedures. I'm not paranoid enough yet with my own data. Below is a simple tool for doing some backup stuff at work from my desktop but I've found it to not be used frequently.

Text Editing & Editors

  • Vi – The venerable Vi and its derivatives such as Vim.
  • Notepad++ – A Windows Text Editor with support for color syntax and large files, not huge files. I've had it support upto 1GB files but anything beyond it didn't work well and I resorted to gVim. Great replacement for notepad.


  • – A web site that will color highlight your source code for publication. It is how the Python code on the KML and GUI pages became formatted for publication. Simple and easy to use it works for all of the languages used in the Squadron, including SAS, (it calls it Sass) it isn't perfect but it does a good to excellent job overall.
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